Day 8 {A Moment}

>I see my son growing so much already. It completely blows my mind how amazing he is and how much he’s changed in such a short 6 weeks. He’s not really a newborn anymore. He seems to be turning into a little man more and more every day.

This is going to be Mr P and I’s only little one so I’m doing my best to enjoy the little moments with him. I know that someday I will miss being able to hold my little boy and just inhale and enjoy how good he smells. I will miss being able to nurse him and have him fall asleep on my chest. I will miss being able to set him down and not have him crawl or run away. I look forward to those milestones, but for now I’m completely content with my immobile baby! I look forward to watching him grow, but I don’t want it to happen too fast.

There is one thing that my little boy does that I hope he continues to do as he grows up. I managed to capture it on camera and it just makes me smile. Mr P kind of does the same thing and I always laugh at him. It’s way more adorable when a 1 month old does it though.

It’s a couple seconds of his life that will always make me smile and giggle no matter what is going on in my life. It’s just a glimpse, a moment, in Jacob’s life, but one that I’m going to remember forever.

I hope it makes your day, like it continually makes mine. Enjoy.

And yes – he’s always that cute. Ha. He does the little fake sneezes pretty much every time he sneezes. And don’t you just LOVE the way that he looks at me after I giggle. Like, “Really, Mom? You think that was funny?”. And then I get the “Well, okay then…” look as he looks away. I just love it.



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