Day 11 {Your Siblings}


I have two AMAZING siblings – a brother and a sister. They’re both half siblings, but we never say that and we certainly don’t act like it either. We even ended up with the same chin and smile.

My brother, Bill, is 12 years older than I am. He graduated from high school when I was 6 years old. We always had this thing with the band Chicago. Their song “You’re the Inspiration” has always been our song. I think about my big brother every time I hear it. I used to always run into his room and ask him to play me the “inspiration” song and the “lemon” song. Ha – the lemon song was “Take it to the Limit” by the Eagles. For some reason I was convinced that they said lemon, not limit. Hey – I was only 6! He always knew what I meant though and he’d always stop whatever he was doing and play those songs for me!

My sister, Theresa, was a little bit closer in age. She was only 8 years older than me. She was close enough in age that we did have our battles and fights. Most of the time it was because I was being a brat. I remember one night she was babysitting me and I spent a good 20 minutes marching around with a plastic flag (the kind they used to stick in your yard on memorial day) singing some patriotic song trying to annoy the hell out of her. It worked, because eventually she tackled me and held me down. She was trying to yell at me while sitting on my knees and I just kept bouncing her up and down. I got so mad at her that I actually spit on her (oops…sorry Sister…I was a brat). She ended up burning her split pea and ham soup and she was pretty pissed about that too. But now we look back on that night and just laugh and laugh. It’s one of our favorite stories to tell!

Now that we are older we are still pretty close. They both live about an hour from me now, but we see each other a few times a year. I feel like I have a lot more in common with both of them now that I have a baby. I understand a little bit more about their lives. I’m getting to the age where I want the same things in life that they do and I think that really helps to bond us and keep us close.



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