Day 12 {What’s In Your Bag}

>Okay so I’ve been slacking a little bit the last 2 days… Sue me. But anyways…

Soooooo I have a weird obsession with Guess bags. I got one a few years ago and I haven’t purchased anything but Guess since then. I never even carried a purse until I was a senior in high school. I never saw the point! It was just too girly to me. I still have a hard time justifying spending $100 on a purse, but I’ll do it if I’m in love…

I love this one in silver and this one in brown. I already have two black ones.

Mr P hates big purses, but I have to have a larger one now to fit my nook in when I need to!! Otherwise I really don’t carry a TON in my bag. And yes – I know I have the most organized purse ever. I hate having to dig through it to find things.

I carry:

  • a few tubes of chapstick (because I’m bound to lose them)
  • Altoid smalls in wintergreen (the peppermint flavor makes me sneeze)
  • A compact (that I rarely use)
  • My phone
  • My keys
  • My wallet
  • A jump drive (I honestly have no clue what’s on it, but it will come in handy some day)
  • Pads/Tampons/Midol/Extra Breast Pads (just in case!)
  • Pens and a pencil
  • My camera
  • My Nook
  • My iPod
That’s pretty much it!!! Mostly its stuff to entertain myself in case I’m stuck somewhere! Oh – there IS a lighter in there too, but I’ve never used it. It’s there just in case. You know. In case I get stuck somewhere and need to build a fire to stay alive. That lighter is going to save my life. Actually it’s there because Mr P can’t seem to keep a lighter to save his life and he always asks me. 



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