Day 14 {What You Wore Today}


Yay for new clothes!!! And thank you to my wonderful husband who sent me the gift card that enabled my little shopping spree!

I did most of my shopping at TJ Maxx, because honestly, they DO have great clothes and they’re reasonably priced!! I didn’t spend more than $19.99 on a single piece. I honestly have trouble spending more than $20 on a shirt. A price tag of $39.99 makes me cringe! I just do not see the point. Now jeans on the other hand, I will gladly spend $100.00 + on a good pair. A few good pairs of well fitting jeans are the beginning of a good wardrobe and its something I’ve always splurged on.

I didn’t include the jeans in my picture because they’re the same cut and style as these – Silver Tuesdays – just a darker wash. And no shoes either because I never put any on! We stayed home all day!

The shirts are just basic brands. The pink one is Derek Heart and the sweater is One Clothing. It is unbelievably soft and comfortable and I’m already addicted to it. I never thought I’d like that style of sweater (the kind without buttons) but I am in LOVE!!

I still have a bit of money left and I am seriously considering getting some skinny jeans and knee high boots (GASP). Oh man – I’ve actually been window shopping online and trying to figure out what’s fashionable… What has happened to me!!!



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