Day 15 {Your Dreams}

>I’ve had a lot of dreams in my lifetime. A ton! Some I’ve made a reality, some have faded into the background and eventually disappeared.

I used to day dream all the time. You see – when you grow up on a huge ranch with a ton of horses, the summers and weekends are spent doing chores. I used to log 20 hours a week on the John Deere. I spent a lot of time driving around in circles listening to my CD player. I made up a ton of stories in my head depending on what kind of music I was listening to that day. To say I’m a day dreamer is an understatement.

I watched Beauty and the Beast last night and it was still just as magical as it was when I was 7 years old. I actually got chills during the ballroom scene. Nothing will ever change that dream that every little girl has of finding her Prince. Oddly enough my Prince looks a hell of a lot like the one in Beauty and the Beast (minus the long, gorgeous hair that I’d kill for…of course). I totally have a thing for blonde hair, blue eyes and big arms.

My reality hasn’t turned out anything like I’d planned in my dreams. I never thought I’d have a surprise proposal (and it completely was a surprise) and get married a whole 6 days later. I never thought I’d go through 6 months of my pregnancy by myself and I never thought I’d have such a sweet and perfect little boy. But you know what? The reality is a million times better than the dreams!! As I’m writing this my little one is sitting in front of me squirming around, cooing and smiling at me and I’m instant messaging with Mr P. This reality is so much better than anything I EVER could have planned.

Now that I’m a little bit older my dreams have changed. I don’t have to dream about my Prince because I already found him. Now I just get to dream about our future together and I am TOTALLY content with that!

I dream:

… that my husband and I have a happy, healthy, lifelong and satisfying marriage.
… that our marriage is full of love and is an inspiration to our son.
… that our son grows up knowing that he is loved and he will always be loved.
… that he knows he is always able to come to us when he is in need.
… that he finds a love of his own and a child to love and raise.
… that he lives a happy and love filled life.
… that I get to grow old, travel the world and spend my whole life with Mr P.

Simple and to the point. I just want to live a happy life. That’s a pretty basic dream isn’t it? And most often it’s the one that gets overlooked and forgotten about.



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