Day 17 {Your Favorite Memory}

>There isn’t one moment in my life that stands out (other than my wedding and Jacob’s birth, but thats too easy) more than the others, but there is season that does – my first Christmas in college. It wasn’t the happiest or the most perfect Christmas but it was my favorite.

I came home from school for the first time since the beginning of the year. It was the first time I’d been home since my Dad had moved out after my parents divorce. It was just my Mom and I for that Christmas. It was the first one with just the two of us.

It’s my favorite memory because looking back on it I’ve realized that it was the end of one season of my life, it was also the beginning of another. It was the end of the family that I’d always known and grown up with. It was the end of all of those traditions. BUT it was also the beginning of the healing process for my Mom, my Dad and myself. It was when we began to move forward and begin the new traditions that would carry us into the future and that we continue today. It wasn’t the happiest of Christmases, but it was the most important of our lives.

I went to my first Broncos game that year. My Dad has owned 6 season tickets for the Broncos since before I was born and I had yet to go to a game. My sister and I went to the Broncos/Raiders game that year on Christmas Eve. We actually had to climb over a train to get there. It had broken down in the middle of the sports path that leads to the stadium. There were thousands of people climbing over the stalled train. The Broncos are worth it… even when they’re awful. And of course I spent more time looking at the cheerleaders than watching the game.

My Mom and I went to the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo for the first time and we’ve continued to go every year, at least when we lived in the same state. It was something that my Mom and I had always wanted to do and we finally had the chance. We even bought the goofy 3D glasses. I’d love to continue the tradition with Jacob in the future. My Mom and I celebrated the holiday by cooking way too much food and opening presents together on Christmas morning. Although it was bitter sweet it was still a great year. It was a year of change and since then we’ve all moved into a better place in life.

Looking back on it all I can see from the happiest, and yet saddest, of my Christmases is hope. Hope that things would get better. Hope that we would move on. Hope that we would continue to be a family, just a little bit different and hope that there were better things coming for all of us in the future.

We were right. There were better things coming in the future.



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