Mastering Mommyhood Monday


So imagine this –

You’re sitting on the couch in the late morning. Your little one is peacefully nursing, making the sweetest little sounds with his hands gracefully resting on your chest. You’re both content and soaking up the moment. All of a sudden, within the blink of an eye, the little one pulls away, arches his back and gives you that look………. yes. You guessed it. The sweet little thing decides to throw up and it’s heading directly for the couch cushion behind your arm….. In that split second right after you realize what is about to happen you have two choices (and unfortunately you can’t EVER seem to grab the closest burp cloth fast enough)…

1. Move out of the way and spend the next hour scrubbing puke off of the back of the couch (because it will inevitably stain).
2. Move into the way, take one for the team, just to save the couch (especially since you’re sitting in your husband’s spot…) and then begin praying that your shirt doesn’t smell like baby puke forever.

So what do you do??!!!?!?

I’ve realized that as a mommy, bodily functions are no longer scary. I’ve been pooped on, peed on and thrown up on a million times. And the moment I decided to save the couch over my own freshly showered body I knew I was truly a mommy.

And the craziest part – after you’re covered in what seems like gallons of baby puke, you look down at that innocent little face that still has puke dribbling out of his mouth and actually feel BAD for him. Oh how his tummy must hurt!!!! The soaking shirt and regurgitated milk dripping down your stomach doesn’t seem so gross and awful when all you can think about is the little one’s happiness and health.



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