Day 19 {Something You Regret}

>I hate the word regret. I absolutely hate it. I never say that I regret something because generally my choices have led me to bigger and better things. The more I look back on the choices I made the happier I am about them.

The ONE thing I wish I could change was my choice not to return to school. I was half way done with my bachelor’s degree and I never finished it. The college I went to was in a town of 5,000 people and half of that was college students. The entire town revolved around the school. When I was at college I was surrounded by people in school, so it was easier to be motivated to finish. Now that I’m here in a larger city that isn’t completely focused on the college it’s not nearly as easy to go to school and stay focused. Having that degree, that little piece of paper, would make my life so much easier. I would have already gotten a new job at the hotel and I would be making more money. I probably wouldn’t be working nights. And I wouldn’t be so stressed out about getting into a new position.

With that being said – I am so unbelievably thankful that I am where I am. If I hadn’t made the choice to leave school and move 3 hours away, I wouldn’t have gotten the job at the hotel. I wouldn’t have met Steann and Mike, who introduced Mr. P and I. I wouldn’t be married to my amazing husband and we wouldn’t have a beautiful little boy!

I guess what really amazes me is even though I feel like I made the wrong choice it’s always turned out for the better in the end. And that’s part of the reason that I don’t believe in using the word regret. Sure at the time it may seem horrible and awful, but there generally seems to be a reason that things work out the way that they do. I’m very thankful for the life I have now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I guess in some respects that makes me thankful for the decisions that, in the past, I would have changed.



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