I believe…

>… that holding my sweet little boy is the best part of my day.

… that this deployment has brought my husband and I even closer and helped our communication.

… eBay is addicting. In the past two days I’ve purchased a Bumbo, Moby and Twilight Turtle night light for half the retail price.

… that having coffee with new friends makes my day 100 times better!

… The Biggest Loser is inspiring. It’s one of my new favorite shows.

… waking up to baby smiles is the best way to wake up!!

… my baby loves the truffle shuffle.

… this deployment is almost over and I’ve never been more excited.

… cooking with pumpkin and pumpkin spice lattes are the best part of fall. Oh and the changing leaves.

… my parents divorce was a blessing in disguise.

… my girlfriends from work are more amazing than I ever knew.

… that the bond between mother and child is so much stronger than I ever expected.

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2 responses to “I believe…

  1. >How sweet is your little boy? I couldn't agree more with deployment helping communication. We fall in love over and over again with each deployment. And we don't have the time to take anything for granted. Enjoy your little man. I am a new follower!EmilyFamily and Life in Las Vegas

  2. >Isn't it crazy how deployment can bring you closer? It's bizarre but a wonderful thing that comes out something bad!

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