Day 22 {Something That Upsets You}

>I’m naturally an optimist. Almost to a fault sometimes, actually. I am one of those annoying people who is always trying to find the positive in a horrible, awful situation. I think it comes from the fact that I love balance and harmony. I hate fighting and I don’t like being mad at people (and vice-versa). I like my world to be a happy place and I like everything to be going right in my world.

BUT…. There is one thing that upsets me to no end…….

I get upset when my beloved Denver Broncos just can’t seem to get it together and win!!! I’ve been cheering for the Broncos since before I can remember. My whole family loves them and I was lucky enough to find Mr. P who loves them too!

I absolutely LOVE going to games. In fact, I had season tickets last year and went to almost every single game. I had to miss the one on my birthday so I could work a double shift (awesome, right?) and the one on Thanksgiving, of course. The rest of them were a blast though! Mr. P and I always go to a little bar right by the stadium for drinks first and then head over and enjoy the game!

And yes – Jacob gets mad when they lose too!!!!

So, even though we are having a not-so-decent year and all three of us get upset when we lose, we’re already hoping for a better year next year…


One response to “Day 22 {Something That Upsets You}

  1. >We're huge Gamecocks fans here, so I can sypathize with being upset over a loss!I use a Canon Rebel t1i with the kit lens. I'm hoping to get a better lense maybe for my birthday next year?

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