Day 23 {Something that makes you feel better}

>So there are a LOT of things in this world that makes me feel better, so we’re going to change this day to “Things that make you feel better”.

I feel better:

… after getting a cut and color. Something about being pampered and taking a few hours to make myself feel pretty again always makes me feel better!

… when I have a good glass of wine (but you already knew that didn’t, you?), preferably Pinot Grigio or Malbec (my new favorite), in hand.

… when I find a good movie on TV (like Love Actually, right now…).

… after watching Disney movies when I’m sick.

… when singing Disney songs to my Jacob and all he can do is smile at me (with his goofy smile). He totally looks like a pirate with one eye half closed in this picture. ARRRR. Ha I crack myself up.

… when Microsoft Messenger notifies me that Mr. P is online and when the phone rings and it’s him.

… with a cup of tea brewing and ready for me.

… after a nice long shower or bath.

… when I get a package in the mail (we have 6 coming in one week!!).

… when I wake up and realize that Jacob has slept more than 3 hours in a row…. and he’s still in his burrito. And yes that is a stolen hospital blanket… they are the best.

… when the Broncos win.

… after an amazing service at church. I love being able to go, sing and worship and walk away feeling closer to God.

… when I find a goofy picture that I completely forgot about. Especially if it’s of Mr. P. It always makes me feel better. And I might get hell for making this picture public… Hehe. Even though it was his goofy side that I fell in love with.

… after a good long drive where I’ve had a chance to think. I work out all of my major issues when I’m driving. Sometimes I’ll drive just to think.

… when I think about getting to kiss my husband again.


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