2 Months


My Little Jacob,

Happy two months old little boy! Can you believe we made it through another month?! Time has just flown by and it seems like I was just writing about you turning one month old. Heck – it seems like we were just bringing you home from the hospital in your little blue outfit (which now is way, way too small for you).

It has been a busy month for you!

Here’s what you’ve been up to:
  • At your last appointment 5 days ago you weighed 11 pounds and 15 ounces. You have almost doubled your birth weight in 8 weeks. You are growing like a weed.
  • You’re still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but soon we are going to have to start pulling some of the 3-6 month things from your closet.
  • You wear size one diapers and we occasionally have poo-splosions, so I may try out a size one-two or two on you soon. 
  • You’ve gotten so good at holding up your own head! I hardly ever have to help you, unless we are up and moving around. When you’re laying in your boppy you move your head side to side with no problem and when you’re leaning against my legs you try to pick up your head and lean forward.
  • You love to be sitting up and looking around. Unless you are sleeping (or playing with Octo) you hate being flat on your back. We got you a bumbo chair and you enjoy it but only for short bits of time. You’d much rather be in my arms.
  • You really don’t like your tummy much either. You grunt all through tummy time. You aren’t doing a mini push-up yet but you’re really trying!
  • Your favorite toy is Octo (a two-legged octopus on your baby gym). You will spend hours each day looking at him and swatting at the rattles attached to him. He goes pretty much every where with us and he always makes you smile.
  • Your favorite part of the day is in the morning when we turn on Disney music and we sing and dance to it. You love smiling at me and you don’t seem to mind my horrible voice!
  • For the most part we have cut one feeding out at night. You go to bed around 9 and you don’t wake up again until somewhere between 1:30 and 3. Last night you slept for a solid 6 hours. YAY!
  • You’ve become a much more efficient eater. You haven’t been choking nearly as much and that makes me really happy! My letdown doesn’t seem to bother you quite as much anymore. You are still easily distracted while you eat though.
  • I think you’re starting to feel some discomfort from your teeth already. I can feel and see one of your teeth on the top. You’ve been drooling a ton and trying to suck on my fingers or your pacifier all the time. You’ve recently found your hands, but you don’t always remember that you have them!
  • You went on your first shopping trip with me and you were not so thrilled about it, at least when I needed to try on clothes. 
  • I tried out the Moby Wrap yesterday and you love it as long as we aren’t sitting down! It’s really going to make grocery shopping and errands much easier!
  • You are smiling more and more every day. You’re also starting to babble and talk to me! Sometimes you will ramble for 5 minutes about your day! You don’t want to do it on camera though!
It amazes me every day how much you have grown and changed in such a short amount of time! You are becoming a little boy now and your personality reveals itself a little bit more every day. I feel like I’m chipping away your shell to discover who you are on the inside. Every little piece is a whole new adventure! Only a little bit longer until Daddy is home with us and we can all cuddle on the couch together. Daddy and I are so excited to continue to watch you grow. We love you so much little boy!!
Mommy and Daddy


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