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Day 25 {A First}

>Church just wasn’t something that we did when I was younger. My Mom allowed me to make my own decisions about it and when I asked about church, she took me, but we didn’t go every weekend.

I definitely don’t want to shove religion down Jacob’s throat, but I want him to grow up feeling comfortable in a church. It took me a long time to get used to it and not feel anxious about walking into a church. When he is old enough to understand the significance of going to church, then I will allow him to make his own choices (and if he choses not to go, then so be it). But I sincerely hope that he will enjoy going and that he is able to build his own relationship with God. It’s something that is important to me and I hope that he can see that and has the same desire to learn about God and grow with God that I have had in the past 5 years.

Yesterday, Jacob went to church with me for the very first time!! We got up early and hung out. We listened to our Disney songs and danced and sang a little bit. He got all dressed up in his overalls and polo shirt (that matches one of Mr. P’s). I got ready and we headed out!

The church that I go to is huge. The services are almost always packed and they’re always great. I love the music and I was excited to see what Jacob thought, since he loves when I sing to him and when we dance at home. We arrived 30 minutes early (because they changed the second service from 11 to 11:15), so we just hung out in the chapel. Jacob actually slept.

As soon as the service started he woke up. I think the music was just a little too loud for him. He looked kind of scared. So we went back to the baby room in the corner and enjoyed the service from there. It was empty, except for us, the entire time. I danced with Jacob and I sung all of the songs to him. He really enjoyed that! He did get a little bit fussy when he ate and for a while after that, but it was nothing major.

On another note… To explain his fussiness lately….

I think my kid is teething already. Seriously. I know he’s only 2 months old and it’s extremely early, but he’s certainly acting like it! He would much rather chew on the pacifier (which up until now he hasn’t been interested in) or my finger. He tries to chew while he’s eating (um, ow). He’s drooling like a crazy baby and he’s just unusually fussy. Plus the fact that he’s sleeping way more than normal. He slept in his car seat for over 3 hours after church. Yes, I left him in the car seat. He was completely passed out and I was not about to wake him up and deal with a screaming little boy all afternoon.

Plus – he slept through the disastrous Broncos game. It was not a happy football day in our house. The Bronco’s are sucked it up big time.


Day 9 {Your Beliefs}

>To put it simply – I believe in God. I believe that he is a loving and caring God. I believe that he sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. I believe that the Holy Spirit is constantly in and around us. I am a Christian.

Now, I’m not the perfect, model Christian and my journey is somewhat different than most peoples.

I was not raised in a Christian home. Both of my parents were raised Catholic (my Mom, very strictly). I didn’t go to church with my Mom more than twice and it wasn’t until I was in high school. She never baptized me because she wanted me to be able to choose myself. She wanted me to understand my choice. I am very thankful that she gave me the choice, honestly.

My first experience in a Catholic church was, interesting, to say the least. I’ve never been more confused in my life!! I was nervous to go back because I had absolutely NO clue what was going on the entire time. If you didn’t grow up in the Catholic church, I’m sure you know what I mean!

When I got to college I really wanted to be involved in a church. I know now that the desire I felt to attend church wasn’t because of me. It was sparked by God, obviously. I got involved at the only Catholic church in town and I took the RCIA classes to get baptized! In April at the Easter Vigil I was baptized, received my first communion and was confirmed. I was 18.

Right before my baptism with my Mom and Dad.

My sophomore year I actually started to grow and learn about God. I actually felt him working in my life and in the lives of others and it was amazing. I started to read the bible on my own and I studied. I loved it. I would attend the Baptist church with friends on Sundays (when I wasn’t working) because I really enjoyed the music (plus the offered free lunch to college kids afterwards… haha).

When I moved to Colorado Springs I stopped going to church. I was busy with work and I hadn’t found anyone who was Christian. For a long time I felt like I needed to go to church WITH someone, so when my friends weren’t Christian I didn’t go. I still read and studied, but not nearly as much.

One day I just decided it was time. So I checked out a few church websites and found one or two that I liked and wanted to try. I was lucky enough that the first church I went to was one that I fell in love with. The music was amazing, I loved the preaching style and it gave me a chance to really worship. Plus – there was a lot going on outside of services on Sunday.

It’s not a Catholic church. I’ve found that most of the Catholic churches are difficult to get involved in if you aren’t under 18 or over 60. There really isn’t a lot that’s meant for 20-somethings and that frustrated me. I wanted to attend bible studies tailored for my age and I couldn’t find it at the Catholic church (at least not in my area).

So my story and my walk with God has really JUST begun. I don’t know all that much, but I know that I believe in God and Jesus Christ and for me that’s enough to get up and go to church. I’ve seen him work in my life and I know that he’s always watching over me. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have made it through (almost) this deployment without my faith. God has given me the two most important things in my life and for me – that’s enough to worship and keep believing.